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I agree and while I see Smack's logic in his

decision, I think he failed to look at the big picture from BOTH viewpoints. You have to draw the line somewhere & the line was crossed last year. The GOP blew it and the point is THEY NEED US more than WE NEED THEM. I can see both sides compromising and giving. However, the GOP needs to give MORE in order to repair the damage and trust. A "sorry it won't happen again" shouldn't have to cut it.

When a person commits a crime - and let's be honest, what transpired were several HUGE crimes, - that person pays whether it's through a fine, jail, community service, etc.

When someone commits a "wrong" such as in the betrayal of a trust - infidelity for example - reparations also have to be made by the person at fault in order to EARN that trust back.

Bottom line is THEY NEED TO PAY. Instead, what I'm hearing is "That's water under the bridge - let's move forward".