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THERE YOU ARE!!!! ((((((((((((dducks)))))))))))))

This is my Extreme Granger Lemonade Twist Fast for Spiritual Health. And yeah.. sometimes I'll use cayenne.. I love cayenne, it's the cajun in me cher!

I'm not doing the traditional Lemonade Cleanse.. I have and I loved it so much.. I extended it with twists.. only will do the salt water flush for two days.. after that.. Lemonade for a couple of weeks with a lot of water, and then I'll start clear broths.. sometimes apple juice.. we'll see how I feel and what kind of support.. 1988vote just informed me about natural gum.. so instead of the sugarfree stuff.. I'm going to get some of that when I feel I have to chew on something.

Don't forget, I like to think I'm tough as nails and why I'm recovering from surgery since failing to wear safety goggles and mask. Another reason I thought I might find a support group here.. so many health conscience people.. helps. <3 <3 <3