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My guess, (and it's just a guess) is that back in the old days, sports were just that for the most part...a sport, and of course there was some boasting that went with the better players.

In today's world, these people are made gods, with their faces and names plastered all over the papers, magazines, TV, cereal boxes etc.
Making millions...MILLIONS of $$$ for playing a kids game.

Some make many thousands of dollars for every pitch they throw!

WOW! How rediculous is that! I gotta laugh!

When their high time ends, the limelight fades and the bright lights shine on another up-commer, then their joy dies. Their all is gone! And in many cases, they cannot deal with that.

And then one may ask..."Where did they go after they died?"

I am always brought to that question whenever a so called "star" passes away.

Did they ever mention Jesus during an interview. Did they live for Christ and for His glory or for themselves and their own pleasure and their own glory?

I know that many here will be angry at these words but that is really the most important question a person can ask themselves while here on earth.

For those who know themselves to be on the wrong side of things with God, there is still time to repent and turn unto the Lord and cry out for mercy and forgiveness, and that Christ might be your Savior.

Cry out to Him today, He is merciful and full of compassion.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~