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things I notice about you

first you call illegals Latinos, how politically correct, in the US Census just a note it's Hispanics, but regardless it's all illegals not just Hispanics.

Second, it's your prerogative not to connect Hispanics that voted over 70% for Obama and their dislike of guns.

They voted to make guns illegal in Mexico many moons ago my friend, what makes you think the great America will be any different?

Just silly. Allowing illegals to break the law, have Special Spanish language road signs in neighborhoods, Goverment etc. is not American...sorry. It's not liberty.

Giving Amnesty to illegals is not compassionate, it's foolish. It was their choice to break in to the country, they knew what they were doing, so if they purchased a house, have a job etc, it's all under false pretenses.

If I choose to not pay my taxes, that's my choice, probably going to jail, unless I can get a hold of the half dozen attorneys that won. My risk, it was their risk to break or rules and not wait in line with hundreds of thousands of orher people wanting to come here legal.