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That's a good point

Losing their status as stars may cause some sort of mental illness in someone.

As for getting right with God, I just don't know.

I've cried out, I've asked forgiveness. I've asked God to lead me, told Him I can't do it alone. I can also tell you I'm still a sinner, I still sin every day. I want to live for God, but it's hard to know how. Christ was radical, I often wonder what a modern Christ would be like. It seems that a modern Christ would end up in prison fast.

You asked "Did they live for Christ and for His glory"

I ask you, do any of us actually live for Christ? Are any of us actually Christian, as in, like Christ? I do not believe so.

I've talked with pastors and hung out with them, but they are sinners too. They also sin every day, they watch TV and play video games slothing and wasting time. They commit gluttony, and I bet they even look lustfully at women and get angry without cause. Jesus tells us that both of those sins are equivalent to adultery and murder. It seems to me that the only way I'm going to heaven is if God opens the door for me. I can't even unlock the door myself, let alone open it.

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