Comment: "Besides, what's a kilo?"

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"Besides, what's a kilo?"

Please, tell me you're joking. Your question reminds me a little of the popular Manhattan-centric "New Yorker's view of the World" parody maps.

The metric system (or "System Internationale") has prevailed throughout the civilized world (obviously excluding the united States) for a couple of centuries now. As it is based strictly on division and multiplication by ten it is far too easy and sensible for mere 'Murrikins to understand.

A "kilo" is a thousand, so in the context of "weight" (mass, actually), a kilogram would be a thousand grams, or roughly two point two pounds.

And what's a "pound"? Something like twelve and a half ounces I think, and a "foot" is like fourteen inches. Or some such non-decimal silliness. Furlongs, drams, jiggers, rods, gallons, imperial quarts, fathoms.... Oy McVey!

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