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Comment: Wow - where to begin....??? here's a short & long answer...

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Wow - where to begin....??? here's a short & long answer...

To answer your question in short - I listened to Beck's radio show faithfully from 2001 - 2009 and then sometime around last election time I tuned in again to listen and I've found that Glenn is really confused on what he wants and what he says. He says/wants one thing and then leads his listeners in another direction that is opposite of what he said or wanted in the past. Then after he leads them in that misdirected path he will return once again to saying/wanting what he previously said before the misleading.... I hope you understand that.

A little (alot) background on the above conclusion.

I've listened to Beck probably a month before 9/11 here in Tampa on 970 WFLA and found his show relatively entertaining and found when he opined on political issues I found I mostly agreed with him and thought maybe sometime in the future he'll get around to things I believe in from my exposure to The John Birch Society. I seriously thought Glenn might come around to that as it seemed he was open to listening to what society would deem 'out there stuff'.

But then 9/11 hit and it was 'rah rah red, white and blue, apple pie and greazin' Muslims - er I mean 'terrorists'. Glenn had to walk a fine line there for a while as to what to call the bad guys.

Glenn was all for going into Afghanistan (as was Ron Paul) and then Iraq (Ron Paul was not) because they had weapons of mass destruction and Beck became the boy carrying the water for GW Bush.

By the time Bush's second term election was coming up Beck seemed to sour on GW but Glenn still carried the water for GW because it was all about parties for Glenn (at the end of the day). Glenn could not vote on principal as he would often state to his audience - Glenn voted for party. Sometime in 2006 - (as I remember) Glenn seemed to not like Bush's policies anymore - or at least Beck wasn't defending them or spinning them in a positive light to his audience. (it took Glenn long enough to wake up!)

Then I was seriously hoping Glenn would 'discover' Ron Paul as Ron was going to be running for the 2008 presidency. Ron Paul seemed like a given for Glenn Beck and Glenn's audience. Ron Paul talked about everything Glenn was talking about on his radio shows and it seemed like a match made in freedom heaven.

Beck had Ron Paul on his radio show a number of times as a 'phone-in' guest and Glenn would a number of times introduce Ron as someone who was the closest thing we had to a founding father (in our era) and then Ron would come on and Glenn would have a nice time with Ron and the 2 would discuss issues. Then the interview would end and when Ron was off the phone Glenn would make some sort of sly negative remark against RP giving the audience doubt about RP being on the up and up.

So just who could Beck's audience get behind? If it wasn't RP who was it that Glenn would endorse?

Then it was discovered that Ron Paul hated Israel! OH NO!!! how could Ron Paul hate Israel and why??? I mean, if we don't put Israel first then God cannot be for our country because the Bible says that!

Well - yes and no.

My interpretation of the passage that Beck cites is God saying that those who go against His people - God will be against those.

And who are God's people? Well, they are you and me. Anyone who chooses Jesus Christ as their savior. The Jews are no longer God's chosen people as the Jews rejected Christ.

So back to Glenn....

Glenn then sides with John McClame and Palin. Glenn then says he's not into McLame but that his vote is for Sarah! Now how can that be - I ask you? Does that make sense? You're casting your vote for a vice president? That doesn't make sense to me but maybe it does you. Anyway - that's Glenn....

Now onto the 2012 election and i thought MAYBE Glenn would get this thing straight after listening to his disillusionment on the '08 election I thought for sure he might go for Ron Paul this time in 2011/2012. NOPE! Ron Paul hates Israel! Glenn Can't vote for Ron so who else could Glenn vote for? Hmm....

Time out for historical re-write....

Also at the last 2 weeks in December of 2011 on Glenn's program I tuned in listening to Glenn's guest hosts (Glenn takes vacation at this time of year for an extended period before the new year.

One day one of Glenn's fill-in hosts had some woman on (as a guest) who claimed she started the Tea Party. WOW!! Shocker! I cannot remember the guests or the lady guest but but I was shocked at what I was hearing!! I thought Ron's people started the Tea Party! Nope - it was this lady!

Nice historicial re-write on Beck's show! How many Beck listeners/fans fell for that whopper?!?

Now back to Glenn again....

In 2012 this guessing game went on for some months and Glenn finally (loosley) endorsed Michelle Bachmann! Can you believe that?? I was stunned - or maybe I wasn't...

Glenn chose Bachmann over Ron Paul just because Ron Paul didn't kiss Israel's ass? Glenn chose Bachmann who has a pretty piss poor record on the issues compared to Ron Paul - and Beck chose her!?! Wow...

Then Bachmann faded and Beck endorsed another Israel ass-kisser and that was Santorum! Whew - Glenn cannot pick these guys! Then Santorum faded and I thought Glenn has to choose Ron Paul now - right?!? Right?!?

NOPE! he sides with Mitt! Oh my gosh! Shocker there! Well we all know what happened with Mitt.

I'm tired of writing about this - though I've never really summed it up like this before but this is really the big picture of Glenn - someone who talks out of both sides of his mouth and I will never buy any Glenn Beck product again - for the record I've only bought 1 Beck book. But that's all Glenn is getting from me.

I do not agree with his religion, I do not agree with his interpretation of spiritual Israel versus physical Israel of modern times and I def don't agree with the way he treated Alex Jones recently with Glenn mocking Alex for crying and other things. Glenn doesn't have a leg to stand on in that dept.