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Comment: OK, I'm on facebook now, and it kinda sucks.

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OK, I'm on facebook now, and it kinda sucks.

Yeah I'm excited about being able to force my libertarian views on literally dozens of strangers across the planet, but the navigation is terrible. It's a big jumble! And why do I have the option of 'liking' something I posted myself by 'liking' it somewhere else?

Also, I apparently have more friends now than I ever planned on having in my entire life. And just like real-life friends, half of them want me to loan them tokens for their facebook slot machine games, and the rest will probably want me to help them move once their 'farmville' crops fail and the property is condemned.

I only signed up for this thing so I would have another avenue for spreading seeds of liberty, and also so I'd have a direct line of communication to the CIA: I'm almost out of stamps for my angrily cryptic letters.

Any advice, anyone? Will you be my friend?

Chris Indeedski!

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