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Since everyone is now calling me a troll and a paid shill...which is outrageous when I am just trying to make sure that when stats are used that you know how to defend yourself, here is what I am talking about in regards to the AU gun ban and the crime rates.

here is a fairly good objective article with facts on the effects of the AU gun ban with lots of pretty charts:

What I am trying to say is that just throwing out a sweeping generalization that is simply not true is going to hurt the argument to protect gun rights. What is more interesting is the same rate of decline has happened in the US as AU with no gun ban. The point is that the gun's aren't what the problem was. Anyway...I am sure you guys will some how chide me. I am just saying to watch what statistics you quote because I felt like a jackass when arguing about Gun Rights with my Australian Colleagues and using the stats from that video. They are cherry picked from the first year after the gun ban. After the the first year(97 I believe), the gun murder rate has been steadily dropping. If the last 16 years were shown, it wouldn't seem like some dramatic statistic that the video would make you think it is. I am just trying to arm everyone properly when making arguments against liberals. I felt like an idiot and my arguments were deemed irrelevant when chatting with the Aussies about this because I was not right.

I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a proud gun owner. I say the 2nd is the most important of all because it protects the rest. I am not a paid shill.