Comment: The reason for gun control at this juncture?

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The reason for gun control at this juncture?

Might not be about whether the Hispanics are for it or against but rather, about having the gate opened where there is no restriction, flooding the Country to divide it further than it already is.

If firearms were allowed and the people holding the firearms had their eyes opened to this great flood pouring across from the, most specific, southern border, this might cause unwanted bloodshed, if the severity was recognized. And, bloodshed, would\could put an end to the plan of destroying the United States fully in 'the' so-called desirable subtle fashion. Every trick in the book is being tried until a sufficient opening can be found in order to accomplish the goal (destroying the United States fully).

As the dissenters voices are silenced by this flood, the voice of the flood being heard more loudly. As in Germany, the killing could take place without notice, if there is to be, 'a killing'. The flood would cover the sound.

In subtle fashion as it 'has' been going, not to raise enough of an alarm, so that the people don't awake and take any meaningful action.

Even The Devil thinks that he does God a favor.

As for atheist who think that there is nothing after the grave, for you, you are correct.

Now, for the atheist, there is nothing after the grave, no reward.
The Devil claims the reward that should have been yours and laughs. So sad, he says. You have to be his slave for being so foolish. For how long?