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I know you didn't

Sorry. I didn't mean to respond directly to your post. Others in the thread were calling me a paid shill or whatever. I just find it funny how paranoid some people get.

I know that the govt stats can be massaged. The research link from gunsandcrime essentially just points out that there is no evidence that the ban has helped and that there is no evidence that the buyback caused anything good or bad...but that the homicide rates have been dropping anyway. What I am saying is attacking the argument the way most people are doing so is not going to get anyone anywhere. That's all. I don't have a good answer, but I also hate sounding stupid to people when they correct me on statistics.... and the video in this thread certainly made me feel stupid when I threw out the stats they quoted to people that actually live in Australia. I was simply trying to help anyone before they also made an arse out of themselves.