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Comment: Maybe because he wants to win an election

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Maybe because he wants to win an election

And try to salvage what is left of the country. I understand what you are saying...but 90% of the sheep that live in this country will tear him apart if he starts looking like "another kooky conspiracy theorist Paul". I know and I am sure he knows that Bilderberg group and others are crappy people. HOwever, he can't be answering questions from people like that and ever get enough support in the mainstream. It just won't happen.

Do you seriously think the President of the USA, which is under a great deal of scrutiny, will be a guy answering questions about the Bilderberg group? Get real. Ron Paul was shredded by the media constantly for anything that he said that was out of the mainstream. If we actually want to get some things accomplished and "Restore America Now", we need votes...a lot of them. Rand Paul gets us closer to where we need to be. Again, Dr. Ron Paul will be supporting his son. I don't think Rand Paul is in cahoots with the Bilderberg group or some other agency. That is just crazy talk. Rand Campaigned with his father and obviously loves his family. He is also a good person. Why do you want to tear him apart for not taking part in Alex Jones type media? we are determined to fail if we don't accept that we need to get libertarian ideas into the mainstream. We can't go all in. We won't win and things will get worse. I personally would like to avoid catastrophe and SHTF scenarios and live a decent life.