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Go down the rabbit hole

What segment of people in our country was Obama referring to in 2008 as "clinging to their guns and bibles"?

What segment of people in our country will be most impacted by "common sense" gun control laws? If you astutely said the people that actually follow the laws you would be correct. But what segment of society is this, largely? What segment of society does not follow "common sense" gun control laws?

What segment of people in our country largely vote Republican?

What segment of people in our country would largely be against amnesty for illegal aliens?

You can follow this thread for hours if you can read between the lines and the lies propagated by the fake news on TV and the internet.

Once this "thing" goes hot it's going to go down to racial lines, I fear. Hope I am wrong. But the way I see it now, and as I have experienced personally, there is nothing a white guy can say to anyone mixed or non-white anymore that won't be taken out of context as race bait.

Sad, and I don't like delving into racial conspiracies or paranoia because it's silly and unproductive, but what I am describing is what I'm seeing on the street and online more and more. Acknowledging this passive reality is difficult because I don't want to believe it, but it's hard to ignore when you're feeling it.