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OMG - Just watching Thriller again on YouTube

It brings back a lot of memory and context. Michael Jackson back then was huge. He was so big, I don't even know what you could compare that to now. Michael Jackson was at the undisputed top. And then to do this - Thriller. It was groundbreaking. It was earthshattering.

I would wait hours to watch this video. And then I would yell, "It's on! It's on!" to my sister if she was around.

He turns into a werewolf. A scary one. That was freaking scary. And then they cut to him in the audience - this was just a movie. He's in that red jacket, with his jerry-curl, which was the style of the time. He's digging it. That is where this modern day meme, the 'michael jackson eating popcorn gif' comes from:

This is vintage Michael Jackson. This is his residual self image. At least it is mine of him.

I can't even remember how the rest of the video goes, I'm so into the moment.

He's the man.