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"does not tell the whole story. USA political left and center are equally responsible for USA economic decline. "Group rights", social programs, trade unions in government offices, affirmative-action, government student loans, forcing banks to lend to sub-prime applicants, immigration -"

Either you are being lazy or dishonest. I parsed your claim and nearly every phrase is shown to be false below with references and quotes from Raimondo:

One of many of Raimondo's rants against illegal immigration and open borders

"The American Left of the nineties, for whom victimology and group rights has replaced Marxist socialism as an animating ideology, has been well-prepared to accept and enthusiastically endorse interventionism and militarism in the name of political correctness. "

"There are only so many "social" programs through which the government can spread its largesse, buy political support from various constituencies, and justify a debt measured in the trillions. Short of flinging wads of bills from airplanes and showering the populace with Federal Reserve notes, when a slump occurs – as a natural result of government-created "bubbles" popping – the politicians in Washington have trouble coming up with reasonable-sounding "stimuli" to quicken the nation’s failing economic pulse."

"The US government did the same thing during the cold war era, when the US subsidized democratic socialists in the labor unions and among the intelligentsia in order to challenge the hegemony of the Communists on the left. What this meant, in practice, was that plenty of ex-Trotskyites and professional turncoats enjoyed lucrative careers, courtesy of the American taxpayers. In this particular case the line for the gravy-train is going to be extra long."

One of many of a long line of Raimondo articles harshly critical of unions

"Consider the consequences of capitulating to the affirmative actionists in this way: every college professor (and presumably every student) would be given a political vetting by government bureaucrats, educators, and the courts."

Raimondo supporting Ron Paul's anti-affirmative action stances

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