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he could have exposed the

he could have exposed the f.e.m.a. camps, but instead vomited disinformation. and then he said they were there for our safety.

he called the prisoners of katrina, scumbags.

he was for the banker bailout before he was against it.

he called alex jones a fascist recently.

he said we were terrorists and fringe lunatics.

he is an opportunistic con man. for a long time he was aping what alex jones was saying exactly and it was freaking alex jones out.

he knows there is a buck to be made in the liberty market, but he will lead his listeners astray at the moment where it would be so great to us if he did the decent thing.

this is his modus operandi.

He even blamed the economic collapse and that of society on the 9/11 truthers.

he is really disgusting.