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jrd3820 had an excellent question

I said that we need to 'use the children' on our side, since the gun grabbers are definitely going to use them.

Man - did you hear Gabriel Giffords testimony today? They kept playing it over and over and over again on NPR. Today was one of those weird days that I had NPR on all day. I don't normally do that. Normally I catch Tom Ashbrook on On Point in the mornings. That is really an excellent program.

But today, they kept replaying the "powerful testimony" (their description) of her appearance, which is here. She's recovering from a gunshot wound to the brain. That in and of itself is an awesome, and incredible achievement, and for that we owe her all the respect, and prayers, and love in the world.

As far as her message goes, we cannot conflate our personal feelings of good will towards Ms. Giffords with what she is saying, which goes as follows:

Interesting to finally watch it, after having heard her voice all day. Her hair has grown back. And no disrespect at all, but her presentation was very childlike. The words, so difficult to form, such simple constructions. And what really stood out to me was the point she wanted to emphasize:

"We must do something!"

And I agree. We must do something. Like that guy said the other day, this is not about guns. This is about social collapse. Why is our society producing freaks like this - freaks that can't handle the pressure? This country has always been loaded to the gills with guns, as he points out.

Maybe the pressure is getting too high

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Hey skippy - thanks for noticing. You have a level of "fine grained perception" as my wife and I refer to it. Fine grained perception. You notice the details. Not only do you notice the details, you spoke out about it. That is precisely what we need. More of in this country.

Don't be silent. Speak out. Help your neighbors. Be a good citizen. A good citizen is a defender of the constitution.

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What is the 'why I laugh' from Homer Simpson? Do you have a YouTube?

He's the man.