Comment: What you say is fairly correct (if not entirely)

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What you say is fairly correct (if not entirely)

What you say is fairly correct (if not entirely) from my point of view.

On your last two lines, I would only add:

... unless they find their way (no matter how, just being hypothetical on the end result) to get more gold and silver reserves than any other country.

I still haven't seen all the German gold, nor the British. As for France, I know we even bragged about selling hundreds of tons of it in 2004/2005, while our reserves weren't that much:

(INSANE. I know.)

China has a central bank emitting the fiat thing, which, observably, is always a bad idea on the long term. It always ends the same, the destruction trigger events only happen to vary in kinds:

However they give me also the impression to have understood that actual gold reserves might not be a bad idea at all, on the other hand, eventually & "just in case".

I'm really not a fan of China (to say the least) but ironically enough they seem among the very few (countries) left with a minimum amount of practical common sense, as mind boggling as that may be.

Maybe we're ALSO witnessing the INTELLECTUAL DECAY of the entire western civilization, btw. I've been thinking about that lately.

An event exclusivity for us all that I'd have been much happier to miss COMPLETELY.

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