Comment: Not sure what you're tying to get across..

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Not sure what you're tying to get across..

A Patriot during the American Revolution was seen as I say it and as it is hated today by the state, it was hated then by England.


seem only to have made a small Mistake, in supposing they
modestly avoided to declare they had a Right, the Words of
the Act being, "that they have and of right ought to have,
fuU Power, &c."

Your Suspicion that "sundry others, besides Gov* Bern d ,
had written hither their Opinions and Counsels, encouraging
the late Measures to the Prejudice of our Country, which
have been too much heeded and followed," is, I apprehend,
but too well founded. You call them "traiterous Indi-
viduals," whence I collect, that you suppose them of our own
Country. There was among the twelve Apostles one Traitor,
who betrayed with a Kiss. It should be no Wonder, there-
fore, if among so many Thousand true Patriots, as New Eng-
land contains, there should be found even twelve Judases
ready to betray their Country for a few paltry Pieces of Silver.
Their Ends, as well as their Views, ought to be similar. But
all these Oppressions evidently work for our Good. Provi-
dence seems by every Means intent on making us a great
People. May our Virtues publick and private grow with us,
and be durable, that Liberty, Civil and Religious, may be
secured to our Posterity, and to all from every Part of the
Old World that take Refuge among us.

. . . With great Esteem, and my best Wishes for a long
Continuance of your Usefulness, I am, Rev d Sir, your most
obedient humble Servant,


In letters, throughout our early American history, it was used as I use it. To name those that stood against tyranny. Those that stood in defense of England were called "Loyalists".

I don't care how someone twist the use of a word.. I know the real meaning of it so I'll keep using it correctly.

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