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Ron is not going to run, even and an Indy

I think Ron Paul's presidential runs were to possition Rand.. Rand got 8 years campaigning experience, went out for Senate, got it first shot.. now he's saying he wants to be in the presidential debates, and you gotta know, he's in allready. Who is getting as much exposure as Rand in the GOP? Even Preibus is kissing and trying to make up.

Rand is definately shifting the party to our side. I don't believe he will sell us out either. Not at all. I think WE ARE THE FUTURE and those who are climbing on board are going to do well politically for at least the next 8 - 16 years..

Grassroots are issues people, many are one issue voters. They are terrible politicians, but really good people. Rand is not going to play them.

Rand is already for industrial hemp/industry
non- Bush doctorine/ pre-emtive war
Sound Money
Constitutional govenment

Rand is going to show a difference between Republicans and Democrats, and this is going to get really exciting because we've been learning the Ron Paul language for half a decade.

And I think it's going to be supporters like you and me.. I'm looking forward to putting the GOP back in the parades.. non-pre-emptive war.. hemp.. I want people to look at my float and say "WHAT? Since when is the GOP for hemp and against Bush doctorine?" I want them to wonder where they've been the past few years. And I look forward to local debates and letters to the editor.. It's us who will bridge the gap by doing what a lot of folks thought couldn't be done.. THANKS Ron and Rand!