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I tried working MLM. Did it for a health product company. Its products were high quality, and two of its products were fantastic, one of which was unique. I attended meetings and asked people questions for a year before I joined it. When it comes to putting time into something, I study it before engaging it. I even research household items.

I was told making money would be easy if "you just work hard." I worked hard. I created fliers, compiled video and audio from various sources and made a DVD and audio discs I tried selling but then handed out to people while I went door to door selling the product. Had a business card made up. Set up a tent at Farmers Market. Continued going to meetings. And how many sales did I make? None. This was in 2009 and in California city experiencing the economy meltdown when it began, in 2007-08.

That company started in 2005, I think, and produced, ohhhh, six or seven millionaires, three who I met and talked with when they came to my town. I e-mailed one of them a few times, even. I believed the main product of this company was superb. I do still, in fact, but it is expensive and the income set-up appeared favorable to who worked hard, but I determined the millionaires of this product were made and no more were on their way. The millionaire club all the way down to the $100,000 club were closed. The timing was gone for a few reasons, but mostly because the pricing of the product changed and eventually changed too much, giving substantially less for substantially more. Door, closed. What I didn't like, though, was to earn money, you had to buy product. This business model is typical among MLMs, I think.

I'd say that model was OK from when MLMs came on the scene long ago up to mid 2000s. I don't see that model working now, though, at least not for anyone who wants to earn a living entering an MLM company in its fourth or later year. That's right -- earn a living. I didn't say to get rich. Just to earn a living. For the most part, MLMs at this time are a business to bloom then sell, so I think.

About MLMs being a pyramid scheme. They are. All of them. But aren't all businesses? The differential between them and traditional business is how much the owners profit off their employees and, of course, that in MLM making money depends on buy product usually.

If I were to do MLM again, it would be one that's starting and one that I treat as my secondary source of income.

About wtf, I'm glad it's filtered, but it did get into this post's headline. I agree, Michael, wtf -- and all other swears -- are lazy. Not only are they lazy, however, they foster impatience and, eventually, aggression. I believe swears have their places, but encountering the ones I have, most left their places, having moved outside their mouths. For the legitimate swears, they're OK: Because of the contrast that the speaker presents, seldom using them, when he uses them, they do their jobs -- clarify, emphasize or warn/fend off, or a combination of them.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.