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"aid reflects the commitment of the American people."

he's right you know.

just the other day i was standing in line at CVS and a couple of strangers were having a conversation about how they wished the Obama admin would send more aid to Syrian rebels and work in conjunction with the Brits to train and arm them at the Turkish border region. They went on to exclaim that if need be they'd send their first born son to fight Assad to secure western neocolonialism. One of them put down a pack of contraceptives just so he could have another to send over later on saying, "By god! We MUST not lose the holy land to the Arabs- they already have Hollywood! We MUST guarantee the continuation of the petro-dollar recycling system and debt-slave monetary policies! I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO PAY FOR GOVERNMENT DAMMIT." To which the entire store broke out in hurrahs.

Oh thank you, comrade Obama. What a humanitarian you are.