Comment: These guys are crazy.... I

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These guys are crazy.... I

These guys are crazy.... I get called by them randomly and I love to learn their policies so I let them talk and talk. I also see them by stores with big "impeach Obama" signs. Mind you, I'm talking about stores in Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Woodside California (if your from here you'd know how liberal these areas are).

Assuming the guys I've talked to accurately portray the information, they are just flat wrong.... they love Hamilton, Lincoln, and FDR

They are pro NASA and want a big infrastructure plan

They love Glass Steagal (a regulation)

Anit Gold

Equate Ron Paul to Putin and say he wants an oligarchy

They love government

They love Kennedy

They are cult like in their obsession with mr Laroche. The guys who have called me speak of him so highly like he is god

All I agree with them on is their disliking of Obama and their attempts to impeach him.

They always claim that Obama is being impeached. They tried to tell me many many times that Obama would lose the primary.

Just ignore them