Comment: While I understand what you mean, I can only agree to a point.

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While I understand what you mean, I can only agree to a point.

Sometimes I'll go to a certain post and just shake my head while wishing I hadn't clicked on it. But I have to tell you, people react to things differently. I actually thought the "teacher at JFK" post was clever, and while it may not be your usual mainstream type of post at waking someone up, its irony may smack somebody awake coming to this site for the first time. Someone with enough intelligence should inquire as to why the comments are making fun of such a stupid, fake post.

The objective here may be to promote liberty, but it has grown in to a community where online friendships have developed. There was a post here yesterday about someone wanting to know if the crash was happening soon. And though the article is not promoting liberty, the question has passed through many poster's minds. Someone also wanted to know if they wanted to "fast" together. Both those posts show that we support one another here.

Michael has seen to it to add certain forum topics(humor,weird stuff) for, as you call them "nonsense posts". Unlike other communities, this community is very diversified with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and yes, senses of humor, coming together. I think the different available topics on this site makes it a lot more welcoming to a new visitor. Same go for the writers.

For example: I think atheist finds it refreshing that not EVERY topic has to have God mentioned in it. I'm also sure many find it relieving that other posters don't forget to mention God.

I can't tell you how many times I've read about people here and other sites complain that another site is to serious, sensationalistic, extremist, conspiracy laded, etc. Here, you get a little of everything. I also think it's healthy to take a nice break from constantly sticking to one topic, if it is for a couple of minutes, to laugh.

Those are my 2 cents and may I add, I've read some of your posts and I certainly commend you on your efforts.