Comment: Don't confuse physical depression with mental depression.

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Don't confuse physical depression with mental depression.

You are definitely dealing with some "stuff".
However, it's always good to cover your bases and do things that improve your physical health, beyond what you see people do around you.

You wrote that it seems everyone is depressed.
Keep in mind, we live in a time and a way that has never existed on earth, so you don't have to accept anything around you.
For instance, we live in a sea of electronic-pollution which affects some people adversely and probably everyone else subtly.

Recently, I've found that my mental diet included too many dire articles here on DailyPaul. Last night and a large part of today, I was feeling good and inspired when I shifted my attention to edgy-positive media. So, I am realizing that you've got to not weigh yourself down too much and instead, make sure to consume more positive than negative.

Your mind is a muscle, exercise the good movements.
..and maybe exorcise it a little too.

Now I've got to get back to making a faraday cage around my bed. :)