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Read this comment more than once

OK I know the econmy sucks and people say there are no jobs, and I used to agree with that, after all i got my degree in business admin and looked for a job for 2 years!

Then i found I guess what you call a job loophole. There are in reality TONS OF EXTREMELY GOOD PAYING JOBS THAT YOU CAN START ASAP. OK, dont believe me? Go to, go to the sales jobs section, now start calling these people up. Yes I understand, you dont like sales, the idea of convincing someone to buy a product sucks, however because of that very reason nobody wants to take these jobs!

Let me tell you something, If you motivate yourself to learn how to sell and listen to your boss, you can quite easily make $1000/week. Sales may not fit your personality, it doesnt fit mine, ut thosew jobs are readily available for the taking, in high demand, pay a ton, and you dont need any special credentials. The only catch is you have to be brave and wiling to fight to learn.

If you can do that, youll be moving out of your parents house in no time. Seriously start calling these people up. I guarantee with minimal effort youll have 3 interviews lined up for well paying jobs, and they will hire you even without experience simply because they are desperate.You can start working within only a few days. Dont let the fact that its commission only and not an hourly wage phase you. If your willing to really try this and put your best foot forward, youll make way way way more money doing this then with an hourly wage job.