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Here are the Answers...

1) It seems like you can just import. I have yet to do it but would like to try it sometime soon. I am consistently going to the USA so I might try to bring down a Glock to start out; Glocks are about $2000 here. I think it is just a lack of supply, because good shotguns go for about $500. Also it may change now that the socialist (wannabe dictator) president was impeached. Next election will be won by the Colorado Party, equivalent to the Republican in their original ideologies.

2) There is no concealed carry permit. Kind of a gray zone. Technically not legal to carry concealed, but police don't bother people about it (as long as it is registered). For example if you were to go into the grocery store with your gun no one would bother you about it. People walk around armed here. You see dudes on motorcycles or just walking around with their 22 gauge shotguns (hunting). However, if you would legally like to carry the weapon, simply request an authorization stating that you are at risk. Security personnel do this. My city's police are inept so we have a private police force in the town. I pay a monthly fee of $250 to have an armed guard in front of my business.

3)Paraguay allows foreigners to just come on in and start working. As an American, you will need a Visa, but they are simple to get. Once here, you can go through the bureaucracy of getting your documents. In about 6 months you will have an ID that allows you to vote in local elections and run for local positions; also you no longer will need a visa, ever. It is one of the things that makes this country great. Their are no border controls. If you don't travel deep into the country, there is no requirement to get documents. If you decide to live away from the border, then you should have a visa or ID.

4) Society here in general is very relaxed. Because of the drug trade, there are always some disputes between different factions, but it doesn't affect the rest of the population for the most part. With the growing economy, lots of petty crimes are going down; simply better to work than to steal, especially when you could get shot at. By far most murders are either passion crimes or drug related. Occasionally a high profile kidnapping will occur, sometimes the person gets killed. Recently happened here by some Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro, but they immediate left back to Rio. One was caught already and killed. The other three don't stand much of a chance, even way back in Rio. They messed with a very successful businessman's family.