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Comment: Sensitive Topic

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Sensitive Topic

When dealing with sensitive topics, "precision of thought" is very very important. No one will listen if they think that you are a fool.
*I'm using 'they' and 'no one', as in the general sense, being, any of those that would reject an argument who might be in some sort of authority over this matter, including the rinky-dinks at the news.
*using 'gatekeeper' is popular now-a-days, they "are" "Gatekeepers", if you will. A deal has been made with The Devil, if you will, and the deal is to throw all things inaccurate concerning Israel to the wind, attempting to make the accuser look silly and foolish.

Man doesn't have creative authority. only God. Man can only make from what's already been made.

Israel wasn't created after WW II, Israel was "restored".

Israel wasn't created again or over again but, "restored", restored", "restored", not three times, only once. RESTORED!

Possibly better yet than "restored" would be, "brought back".