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Comment: Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again

We should rejoice those who promote the free market.

MLM is part of the free market. You cannot preach free market and then want to ban a free market product or producer when you do not like it.

As of fifteen years ago, I had spent several years thoroughly researching MLM for a book. I never finished the book because I did not think that there would be a market for it.

But I learned a lot.

From my viewpoint, MLM is an inefficient method of marketing. By structure, products marketed through MLM have to be higher priced than those marketed through mass retail or some types of mailorder distribution. In order to make money in MLM, you usually have to promise others an income potential that probably does not exist.

But there are also some good features of MLM. Sometimes it is the only way to way to get some products and ideas off the ground. I firmly believe that natural health originally got a big boost in the minds of the marketplace due to MLM. Natural health might not be a part of the marketplace today if it were not for MLM.

In any case, if you believe in a free market, you should not mock those who want a free market, such as those who promote MLM.

Gene Louis
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