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Not all of the stitches have disolved
Not all the bruising has vanished
90% of the swelling is reduced
I believe I can see better
My left eye, which was the worse of the two, appears to have a cyst in the corner that I'm nursing with hot compresses, doctor can't do anything for two more weeks.. and then we'll "see" if I need additional surgery on that eye. The right eye seems happy.. it's really hard to tell because of the bruising..
So I'm not mowing the lawn or chopping wood or lifting anything heavy yet.
The few times I've gone out in public, people say "Ouch!"
I had to go see my dentist for teeth cleaning and have the fluids changed in my car (maintence).. it was cold and I went to a restaurant, got into an argument with AT&T, the manager came over and was sympathetic to my complaint to AT&T, and so were a few customers in the restaurant.. they wanted to sell me a frozen margharita.. I got a Bailey's and coffee.. and then someone bought me another Bailey's and coffee.. so it was time to go.. because one drink and I'm the life of the party. Two drinks and I'm the wicked idiot witch from God Only knows where I'm from (It's Indian blood I'm sure why I can't handle alcohol, as much as I love it.. it doesn't love me back)
And Oh.. last Sunday surprized the choir, showed up and sung.. and what was amazing about that is it made my eyes bruise up.. but in a good way, like passing the old blood out and reclaiming a healthy glow.

Sorry you asked? Well now you know.

Yeah I like my weed dragon.. only way I know how to keep gravel from becoming a lawn.