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Comment: Please realize what it is that Rand is doing.

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Please realize what it is that Rand is doing.

You might not like it, and yes it is distasteful, but.... Rand is learning from his fathers mistakes. Yes Rand is meeting with the neocons, and doing a bit of a charm offensive. he has maybe two years to get them to possibly accept him at least enough to not come out strongly against him. The same thing with AIPAC, and the trip to Israel. Like it or not, when AIPAC would not even consider Ron as a canidate thast cemented the "anti-Israel" label the neocons had laid on him. That label is what made sure that Santorum supporters would not flip and support Paul after Snatorum dropped out. Heck, that label is why Santorum had a surge in the first place. It is a horrible thing to have to say, but Ron was too principled to win. Rand is tryign to telegraph to these groups that he could be their man. That is not to say that he is, but rather that he needs them if not as allies then at least not as enemies. The average voter is a low information voter. Please realize that Rand is trying to plant the "I'm not anti-Israel" seed in peoples minds ahead of time so that when some talking head comes out in the heat of a primary to accuse him that it will not have the same effect it had for his father. The Liberty movement is not big enough to win the nomination all by itself, not is the Evangelical group. However if the two groups were to combine they would represent close to, if not an outright majority of primary voters. Rand knows this is the coalition he has to build to win a primary, and he is workign toward it now while no one is paying attention. Luckily anti-Rand articles like this actually work in his favor by helping plant the seed in people minds. Far more evangelicals will give hiom a look based on this negative article than Liberty folks who will abandon him. 2016 will be a big year for liberty indeed when Rand goes up against Hillary, let's get him a congress to work with first in 2014....

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois