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Comment: Ron and Rand

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Ron and Rand

are both opposed to Pre-emptive/ Bush doctorin war.

Rand isn't selling out, the cowards who never went to a GOP meeting, make excuses to do nothing but complain about the chump change they contributed to Ron, don't have the brains to understand Rand are the sell outs. They sold out the rEVOLution to form a PROGRESSIVE Liberty Movement. You can fool yourself, but you are not folling anyone who is walking the Ron and Rand Paul talk of RESTORING THE REPUBLIC! Why not read Rand?

Raimondo is who sold out to the progressives and some so called self identified "Libertarians" who are really progressives.

YOU FOLKS ARE FINISHED so whine away.. that's what you've always done best anyways. Find a candidate that can beat Rand. I dare you.. Rand is not yours.. so go and find one.. LOL you can't. You don't have anything going for you but conspiracy theory and whine.