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Starting a blog is easy

Getting readers is hard!

Start a free blog at: or You can have a blog set up in about 10 minutes, set up for free, right there on the internet, for all to see.

How to cut through the noise though? That is the hard part. From the standpoint of ideas, you need to know what you want to say and keep it focused. From the perspective of craft, you need to check your spelling, know your grammar and punctuation. And write.

As far as videos go, I can only give advice from the perspective of a consumer. I've made a few videos, but they are time consuming. If you want a chance at a video going viral it should be:

- short (3 minutes max, I'd say)
- focused
- entertaining

It doesn't have to be about "liberty" - 3 minutes is too short. But you need to slip the message in there. And if you're producing consistently, over time, your body of work will reveal what your message is. Don't worry about working it all into one 3 minute video.

You have to keep chipping away. As for where to start - that is difficult. I have the same problem. There are so many issues to tackle. My best advice on that is: Start where you are. Of all the issues, pick the one that really just sticks under your craw, the one that pisses you off the most. That is the issue with the most fuel that will propel you to finish what you've started.

Hope that helps.


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