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Comment: is jail consistent with liberty?

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is jail consistent with liberty?

I would say yes.

Can freedom and liberty exist without law and order? I would say no.

Concerning Hell, yes you choose to go:

You choose to break the Law, you choose to sin, you choose to be unholy. I do too.

Justice requires punishment for breaking the law; every action results in consequences.

GOD set up a system of Laws after Adam and Eve choose sin and evil; GOD did this to reestablish a foundation for Liberty and Freedom. You may not like those Laws, I get that, but without the Law there can be no justice, no clear definition of good and evil, and no Liberty or Freedom.

Do you follow so far? It took me about 26 years to grasp this...

Christ is the ultimate source of Freedom and Liberty because only he can provide a true seperation from sin/evil by satisfying justice and accepting the consequences of our choices on our behalf - that was his choice - now we are able to choose or reject him.

Remember all choices have consequences, like it or not.

Yes Hell is consistent and dare I say necessary for the eternal existence of Freedom and

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."