Comment: It was not America, but the Leaque of Nations

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It was not America, but the Leaque of Nations

What many don't understand about Israel, is that during WWII many nations had abused their Jewish populations. We hear much about what Hitler's Germany did, but that was only the tip of the iceburg of hate and inhumanity.

Stalin imprisoned and murdered hundred of thousands of Jews during his reign of power. Pregnant women were forced into his GuLags where they birthed children, who were raised in those prisons. Europe had problems as many people sided with the Germans and wished their countries had done to the Jews (not the others so much, not those who had mental illness, or were sick, but this was a secular/socialist/communist war that was never declared as much).

Russia knew it was wrong to have all these children growing up in prison just because they were born to Jewish mothers. They had hundreds of thousands of these innocent prisoners, and Europe feared another war because the population against Jews was very vocal.

So the Leaque of Nations came together.. Balfore Treaty.. and came up with a solution.. send all these folks to Israel. And they have made the Jews fight for a home. They didn't work anything out with Palestine, as they found Arabs for the most part stuck in Islam's backwards culture and unable to make any negotiations.

So these innocent children were shipped off to Israel and told to fight in the war of 1948. They fought and won.. and they fought again in 67 and won, and they continue to fight, even their own government, that forces them to fight, military training 2 years.

Most people who have issues with Israel do not know how Israel came into being what it is today. They have no idea that Russia and Europe purged their Jewish populations and sent these people to Israel. It was not fair to the Jews, or the Palestines, or the world.

And now we have a UN, that continues the same path of destruction to people in the name of protecting the interests of those who invested in the ME.

Many of these Jews who were in Stalin's prisons HOPED in America, HOPED America would give them Amnesty.. Trumen received over 40K letters requesting Amnesty from these children who had grown up in GuLags because their mothers had birthed them there.. Truman sent the letters back to Stalin who assassinated every one of them.

The Arab Leaque has agreed to the 1967 borders, and the propblem is that those who have invested huge bucks outside those borders have the power, political connections to fight.

I agree with Ron and Rand Paul.. it's time to let Israel stand on it's own.. enough generations have been born at this time, where they have their own military complex, power, and NO FEAR.