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Excellent perspective

Thank you Smudge Pot. So much insight in this post:

Posting for me is like flying a kite: I let them sail and sometimes they immediately crash, some fly up so high the string breaks and they just drift away. Some are like a beacon around which people rally.

It is the same for everyone; same for artists making a new painting, singers writing a new song, authors writing a new book. You never know what is going to hit, but to 'hit' means only that it resonates with a wide swath of others. And that is about more than just the post, or the song, or the article or the book. It is also about timing, about what else is going on, where the collective conscious of the universe is at the moment...

I have about 5 styles to pick from and I never even know which one is gonna assert.

Robert Anton Wilson said he had about 26 personalities inside of him, which could assert at any time. Regardless of the number, everyone has more than one.

This board is a playground; Life is a playground.

Plus if you have a wry sense of humour, getting shredded around here can be as entertaining an experience as I ever had.

It is no fun if you're attached to your words, attached to your image, attached to your ranking. Pretty entertaining if you understand that none of that is you. Agonizing if you make that mistake.

Anyway - thank you for the response. I wish I could have written it. I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks for saving me the time!

And your AJ post was brilliant, as I stated at the time. People are so easily manipulated.