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Freedom of choice

The freedom of choice and the consequences of choice comes together. When God created this universe and more specifically, when He re-created the earth and created men to rule over the earth, He gave us a choice in the garden east of Eden. We had a choice to listen to Him or not listen to him. And there is a consequence that follows our choice. If Adam and Eve listened to Him, then the result is life. If Adam and Eve didn't listen to Him, then the result is death.

In the best sense, spiritual life and death doesn't mean existence. It means whether we exist in connection with God or without God. Because life flows out of God, so when we are connected to God through Christ, we are alive, when we are not, then we are dead in spirit.

So hell, means an eternal separation from God, and that is the consequence of not listening and not believing and not trusting in God. And it is a very logical and sensible consequence.