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I agree with this 100%

However, it is the adversary who leads people to believe it is Jews behind it. It's not Jews. It's bad people consisting of some Jews, just like some born agains, Christians, Catholics, Episcopalians, Protestants, commie Chinese, Hindus, etc. etc.

Relevations REQUIRES Israel to be reestablished AND the third temple to be built and consecrated in Jerusalem.

Jews are required to consecrate that temple. However, the antichrist is clearly NOT Jewish. Therefore, just like all duped people of every race and religion, there will be Jews used as dupes to accomplish the adversaries agenda no different than the adversary using anyone else to try to accomplish his agenda. Which the adversary does, incl. some people right here on DP.

But to assume that this is NOT ultimately in God's plan means you are influenced directly by Satan, because it is clearly laid out in the Word of God in the bible.