Comment: Truman didn't care about human life--

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Truman didn't care about human life--

witness what he did in Japan.

I agree about how most (not all) nations didn't treat Jews well--

but there were other 'victims' as well, and those tend to be forgotten--

that's because Jews are 'solid' in their efforts to remember--

other nations and ethnic groups have not had the solidarity--

Estonian, however, did--

I just saw that movie; it is old, but very inspiring--

People with powerful culture always have a better chance of surviving--

in spite of losing too many Jews, the Jewish culture WAS strong enough and is now strong enough to remain intact and to remind the world--

so many others have lost their voice through oppression.

I'm just so tired of the elitists who don't care about human lives--

Truman was certainly one of them; he may not have been as open about it (beyond dropping the bomb), but he was no better than Stalin, who was a monster--

The PTB LOVE to use monsters and then escape notice themselves--

but they are all dead now, those who orchestrated the terrible debacle of pre-WWII, WWII, and post-WWII.

As for Israel, I don't have an answer--

I think that all foreign aid to every nation should be stopped, because it just goes to support those who are already wealthy and empowered--

wherever they are.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--