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Hau Oyasin

Maybe we will meet or maybe one day I will stand in one spot and feel warmth in my feet and maybe I will be able to tell that you were standing there maybe 5 minutes before. Or after. Amazing how connected we are through friends and pressing flesh IRL. I know people that know you and you know people that know me to the point where I'm convinced you are in fact a distinct physical entity no matter what else you may be.

I'd be honoured to have a means of private contact. I don't abuse on you high-level contacts (the ability to contact you that is) but I like having that ability. Fact is till now, anything I had to communicate to you was being handled by somebody else.

In conclusion, in case you missed it, some maniac put up a parody of AJ and the premise is what if he had only nice things to say? By the powers vested in me I supply this credible answer:

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