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Isagenix not isagenics

Well I never post here much but I do read daily. I also video taped the MN state gop crap:)
That being said I will tell you about Isagenix as a real company.

-2 billions in sales (it is nice to get a rise every 3 or 4 week for myself as I am growing within the company. I just started to work the business side of it a few months ago and starting to pull in $300ish a month plus make people I care about healthier.)

-been around for 10 years. Offers so many things to us MLMers.

- product WORKS!!!!!! mom down 89Lbs, dad 60lbs, brother 46lbs, 1st sister 20ish, other sister 45ish and yet myself 55lbs.

- Mitch Jackson ranked 74th in the world for MMA at 145 takes Isagenix all day every day. you can see him fight on spike TV Feb 7th at 9pm central time.

-As always, Isagenix does not pay endorsement fees to anyone, even high profile celebrities and athletes, and we continue to actively demonstrate this closely-held value. The opportunities are endless for Isagenix. We’re going to continue introducing Isagenix and our products to influential celebrities and athletes, where there is a fit between our corporate values and mission and the lifestyle principles of the celebrities and athletes.

-list of USERS of Isagenix that you might of heard of. NBA great AC Green and Michael Jordan. Chicken Soup for the Soul writer Jack Canfield,Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Kelly Ripa, Tori Spelling, Troy Aikman, Oscar De la Hoya, Magic Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Jeremy Roenick, Willie Gault, Gary Sheffield, Tanya Memme, Jim Kelly, John Gray, Nancy O’Dell, Lauren Conrad, Eileen Davidson from YandR, Kevin Connolly, Aaron Rodgers, Venus Williams and many more.

For anyone who does want to listen I am hear to teach. The company rocks and the products rocks.

But as you know it is a MLM so if you are thinking about getting into it why not try me I will not sell you out like Mr. Weed:)

PM me for my cell number

Life is great with Isagenix