Comment: "Paki"?

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Why is the life of one destroyed person more important, based upon religion or color, etc.?

NO life wasted in the pursuit of the elite's dream of one world government should be forgotten--

There were people of all religions, all nationalities, all ethnic groups--

who suffered.

Who died. It is important that all of them be remembered--

numbers get thrown around, I agree. How many Ukrainians were killed by Stalin? How many Estonians and Latvians and Lithuanians were killed by Stalin?

How many Japanese died in Truman's bomb attack?


But the fact is that suffering is not found in only one group, ever.

It's important to remember that.

Calling someone a hypocrite who wants to know the truth--

when they are concerned about what *our* government is doing today to innocent children in the middle east--

a 'hypocrite incarnate' is--

well, it shows a lack of reason; you are emotional about this--

most of *us* are--

*we* can excuse each other, but no good is accomplished by calling others names for having a different perspective--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--