Comment: You are way too sensitive on this.

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You are way too sensitive on this.

I am blaming the power elite for victimizing Jews for generations, including crimes at Auschwitz which they then exaggerated for effect. The reason they told that lie was NOT to get more sympathy for actual Judaic Jews, it was to further a narrative about the suffering of faux-Jews. Having the facts at Auschwitz changed is what they did. Why my knowing that they did that makes you so angry, and accuse me of saying things I never said or implied... You need to chill. Dig into this. There is no way to say "Nazis were bad and Jews were good" because SOME Nazis were probably wonderful people and some were pure evil. Of the Jews that were murdered, there were probably evil ones, too, but that does not justify murder without trial (like bin Laden and Gaddafi got.)
The point is, truth needs sought as the common ground, not emotional knee-jerking.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: