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There is no reason that you need the grants.

Though if I was trying to scale this up into a business I think I'd go ahead and get some of my money back via them. At any rate, the materials to build a high tunnel are very cheap, especially if you have time and space to aquire them secondhand. My first high tunnel was palntable in early March with Tomaotes planted in early April here in Northern Illinois. I built that one for less than $100 My newer one cost me about 500 to build, but that could come down quite a bit. The biggest savings would be to scavenge the steel from old chain link fence that someone wants to have removed to replace the PVC ribs which have not held up to heavy snow well. Also I used about 3 gallons of exterior paint bought ratail for almost 30 bucks each, but if you are not worried about color, then buy some "whoops" paint from the local big box hardware, mix it all together to form a uniform color, and paint away. Or don't paint at all if you really want to cut costs. There is no reason you couldn't build one like my current arrangement without the frost wall for around $100, or about 250-300 with the frost wall. My experience is that the frost wall afforded me an extra 2-3 weeks on each end of the growing season, but some way to add some minimal heat (maybe an old wood stove or something) would do just as well for such purposes.

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