Comment: I have never 'denied' the Holocaust, and for the record--

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I have never 'denied' the Holocaust, and for the record--

there is no proof of any of the numbers for any of the killings/genocide against ANY of the people--

who kept records? How do we know? We don't--

nobody knows the exact number of deaths of anyone--

That is part of the argument; the fact that I stepped into the discussion is not invalid.

I don't have the answers; I may not share the exact same opinion that fishy does, but I saw the discussion and wanted to add my 2 bits, which I believe are valid.

Nobody knows the numbers--

Could be off by one; could be off by one hundred; could be off by a thousand, whether it's:

Belgians, French, Germans, Ukrainians, Gypsies, Jews, etc., etc., etc.--

that is a valid thing to bring to this discussion--

The fact is, however, that if a person brings this up, and the topic comes to the Jews, all h#ll breaks loose, and people start calling names; seldom do people get so upset if anyone questions the numbers about anything else--

How many died in the 'killing' fields in Laos and Cambodia? How many died in the Pacific during WWII? Nobody knows, but it's all right to discuss it, because those people aren't Jews.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--