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Dont change topics.

I did not argue the point you posted.

The statement was made that Jews in the politboro filled gulags with all kinds of people including Jews.

However, that broad generalization ignores the specific points of history which are that when the gulags were filled to the millions or tens of millions Jews had been PURGED from the politboro by Stalin.

Now, let's get to the NEW issue you brought up... jews in the revolution.

I dont argue that there were Jews in the revolution or even revolutionary leaders. Bear in mind that Jews, like many Russian Orthodox, were victims of the Tsarist pogroms particularly the tsarist "modernization" pogroms where, after beatings and killings, beards were forcibly cut, not just from Jews, but also from Russian Orthodox.

So, yes, many were unhappy with the tsar. IF you want to argue that even per capita Jews were overrepresented, I wont dispute that either.

However, based on pure numbers, Jews were still in the vast minority of the revolution. That cannot be disputed.