Comment: I get so frustrated with people who won't . . .

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I get so frustrated with people who won't . . .

accept that Orthodox Jews against Zionism are human beings like the rest of *us*.

Yes, they have the Orthodox dress, which throws people off. But I've listened to so many of them who are proponents of peace. These people are some of the only remnant of ancient Israel who got God's message that killing other people isn't pleasing to God.

They join with some Christians in declaring that parts of the Old Testament have been tampered with; they don't even have the same 'scripture' as other Jews; they are Torah Jews, not Talmud Jews--

The Talmud, apparently, justifies violence--

So, yes, those are good words, very good words "not in any way representative of the Creator"--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--