Comment: And when the cops arrive - expect to be treated like the

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And when the cops arrive - expect to be treated like the

worthless citizens you all are. Do not fear the gestapo - they will merely be assaulting you for your own safety.

All joking aside - I know the scissors things sounds stupid -but I remember some solid advice from one of our line training instructors giving the same basic advise - he said to always make sure you have three weapons in ANY fight. Your mind is number one, your body is number two. Number 3 them becomes the important one. Sure your rifle would be the ideal number three, followed by a pistol, followed by your k-bar. But what if those are not available - well , then find the best number 3 the situation provides -if that is a pair of scissors - well take the scissors. If that is some rope, well then take the rope. ANYTHING is better than nothing. Hell, throwing the vase full of flowers will still buy you some time.

I have to say the part where they ALL get under the conference table is really funny though. They might be smarter to tip that sucker over and block the door with it. And quick question - do the inappropriate touching and sexual harassment guidelines have provisions for active shooter situations - cause you know damn well if you climb under that table with those ladies in skirts - your getting a claim filed against you.