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Thank you for replying

I have felt bad like I seem to butt heads with you and I do not want to do that. None of us will agree on everything I suppose, but I still want to learn. I learn by discussing my views. And see, your words have been on my mind since you have taken time to discuss your views with me. I realize sometimes this writing thing may take more time to get points across and sometimes what gets across is not the point intended at all.

I was thinking about the Raw Milk Cheese business that was closed here in Missouri. I would like to see no government intervention in that way. So then I started thinking about your premise of no government intervention with the abortion issue and wondered how that would work. I clicked on your title yesterday because it was interesting! Then I read your words again about no government intervention and thought it the perfect time to ask. I was hoping I would not be seen as arguing, so I appreciate the time you have taken to get back with me on this.

It would be nice if we could all just be left alone to run our families and farms and businesses the way we want to. It seems in the effort (or guise for some) to “protect,” that the government gets its paws into everything. It reminds me of jellyfish tentacles spreading out and stinging whatever it can and then feeding on the power removed. It seems to me that “Wise” Women would be a power drain on the Legal Criminal front. After all, money would be diverted to their pockets. I am not saying that paying for their services is a bad thing. I am just saying if they provided a service, certain others would not be able to. After watching the cheese farm being raided, it reminded me of the mafia. But now the mafia shows up with “state” papers, not just “a baseball bat.”

Do you have any history of these “wise” women? How do you know about them? It kinda seems to me that in the past perhaps marriage came before pregnancy. Not that marriage had to be a state licensed thing, but that a commitment was made between both parties before sex. And then sex was the consummation of the marriage. Things are a lot different now. Perhaps mine is a Polly Anna view? Afterall, I thought that the Republicans were the "good guys" most of my life.