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Another Issue about your argument

Your underlying assumption about God is wrong. First of all, God is good. He is the ONLY ONE good in the entire universe. Secondly, He created all things that existed, so we are obliged to obey Him. NOT to obey Him would be evil. Thirdly, His rules are for our good and benefit. It is NOT meant to harm us.

Your examples above are non-examples. The people who wanted to rape, those people who wanted to impose Obamacare on us did not do it out of love and goodness. So these examples doesn't apply here.

God is not evil. He is not planning for our destruction. On the contrary, He wants us to be saved, and to be free from sin and Satan's tyrannical rule. Satan rules through force, through fear and through sin and death. God is the opposite of that. So if we don't choose God, then we are choosing evil and our choices have consequences. And if you choose evil, then even if God allows you to go to heaven you wouldn't be happy! Because you can't stand God, so you have to be away from Him as much as possible! And that's the place called hell. In reality, it is called the lake of fire, that's the eternal home for all those who've rejected God and Christ.